Electrical system

Electrical system

In the building, we utilize electrical components from the reputable manufacturer Schneider Electric, including plugs, switches, fuses, and automation.

The main protection for the building is 25A, and the wiring is installed in a flexible electrical installation pipe.

The internal electrical system of the building is configured in such a way that when connecting the external network of the building to the electrical cable, the house becomes immediately usable.

Switches and sockets

  • Schneider System M Antratsiit M-Plan.

Shower room and hallway LED lighting

  • Kohl GU10, IP65.

LED light profile for the living-room

  • Black LED profile.

Electrical underfloor heating

  • Devi – smart™.

LED – Mirror

  • Light on the lower and upper sides of the mirror
  • Mirror insulation and removal of fogging